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Hiring our spaces

If you would like to use one of the spaces at Armenian House for a meeting or event, then please e-mail with the details of your request including the date, the number of people, and the nature of the meeting or event. We will come back to you with our pricing, terms & conditions, and availability

Seminars, performances and meetings


Multi-level receptions or conferences


Special events


Spaces and configurations

Room 1: The Hall (1st floor)

Banquet style - up to 45 people

Armenian House Event Space Layouts 230220 3.png

Theatre style - up to 60 people

Armenian House Event Space Layouts 230220 5.png

Boardroom style - up to 30 people

Armenian House Event Space Layouts 230220 1.png

Drinks style - up to 70 people

Armenian House Event Space Layouts 230220 2.png

Room 2: The Lounge (G floor)

Theatre style - up to 36 people

Screenshot 2024-04-11 233854.png

Boardroom style - up to 20 people

Screenshot 2024-04-11 234010.png

Room 3: The Studio (LG floor)

is of a similar size to The Lounge, and is ideally suited for more informal meetings, exercise, dance or music practice. (Layout not included).

Recent refurbishment and facilities available

Armenian House has undergone a recent refurbishment, and we now have a brand new flexible event space with the following facilities:


  • Free Wi-fi

  • Flexible and modular tables and chairs which allows the room to be used in multiple styles to accommodate receptions, drinks, board meetings, social events, presentations, classes, and others

  • Screens (85” or 65") to support informal or professional presentations and screenings

  • A video camera to accommodate zoom and other video calls

  • Access to kitchen for preparation of food and drinks

  • Refurbished and modern toilet facilities

  • Play your own soundtrack / background music - through Spotify/other (wi-fi), or via laptop

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